Hello Hashnode!

Last year, after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I started blogging in my spare time to document my interests and experiences in software engineering. It was built with a static site generator called Hugo and hosted using Github pages. It is a simple way to freely write and publish one's website using Markdown.

However, I also had some issues with maintaining my blog because I had to always write locally, build it and push to GitHub for my posts to be published online. What I really needed was a simple platform where I could write my drafts online, and I could resume writing from any device. And my frugal self didn't want to pay anything, at least to begin with.

After looking at several available options, I finally decided to go with Hashnode, providing an all-in-one platform having a beautiful content management dashboard, an easy-to-use editor with a rich user experience where users can create posts in Markdown, a very customizable UI with a dark theme, it just ticks all the boxes. What really stands out about this platform is its newly launched API which allows users to easily write once and publish anywhere.

For now, this seems like a very nice place to just start writing, without worrying about developing or setting up your website. You get a clean minimalistic site, which you can use as a portfolio about you and your work, along with a blog which you can use as a platform to share your thoughts from. I am really not much of a blogger. I just like being curious and trying out new things. I wanted to keep a journal of my notes for future use, which could help someone looking for information in the same field.
You can always reach out to me if you have any queries or comments. My social links could be found in my Bio.

See you around!